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Help us expand the evolution of human consciousness.

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Supporting Transformation Since 1975

"The practice of tithing has power because it doesn't wait for the future. It draws a state of flow into the present by insisting, 'In this moment, I have plenty. I'm rich enough to give.' If even a dollar is the proper offering, it is enough."

~Tosha Silver


The Institute of Core Energetics provides exceptional training required to become a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, and facilitates personal transformation that promotes the expansion and evolution of human consciousness.


We are a force for the healing of humanity, transforming negativity and fear into love. We support individuals to fulfill their life purpose. Our diverse and international community embodies expanded consciousness. Through our presence and work we contribute to a better, and more conscious, world.

Values and Guiding Principles

  • Ongoing Commitment to the Principles of Core Energetics
  • Embodied Grounded Presence
  • Accountability / Self-responsibility
  • Authentic Self Expression
  • Promote and Honor Diversity
  • Practice Inclusion
  • Engage with Respect